World Cocoa Foundation

Interview PAPEC program beneficiaries

Loation: Farmer's land/Parcela del agricultor

Mr. Armindo Tuanama Huaymana is one of the beneficiaries of the Strategic Alliance Program Cacao Production, who already has planted 01 hectares of cocoa, is projected to expand to 5 hectares.

Mr. Benito Perez Pereyra, beneficiary Strategic Alliance Cacao Production Program, its plot is located on Highway Tamshiyacu-Yavari MirĂ­ Km. 9, has planted 01 hectares of cocoa, has projected to expand to 05 hectares.

Mr. Felix Rojas Guerra, is also a beneficiary of Papec program has 01 Ha ready to plant cocoa cultivation, I have planned to plant 10 hectares in the coming years.

Mr. Jorge Rios Pinto, beneficiary PAPEC program, has planted 01 hectares of cocoa, under agroforestry species such as: bolaina, screw and capirona. In the coming years it will expand its cultivation 08 hectares.

Tec. Enrique Paredes Hidalgo, Professional working in the North Cacao Peru SAC since January 2014, is currently Papec-Program Coordinator Strategic Alliance Cacao Production, visiting the beneficiaries of the program, providing technical assistance and guiding them to manage cocoa farming properly and do not have problems in the future, its presence in the field is permanent.