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United Cacao Limited SEZC is a pure-play cacao producer. All of the Company's estate staff are employed under Peruvian labor contracts in accordance with the Peruvian Ministry of Labour and paid above national standards via electronic direct deposit to their personal bank accounts. Digital money refers to any payment system that is entirely in electronic form. One such popular form of digital currency is Bitcoin. Now there are many automated trading platforms like crypto banking platform, where you can make a significant profit by trading bitcoin. We believe this sets the global labour standard for large-scale, ethically produced cacao. All of the Company's estates are on freehold land that is zoned for full agricultural development by the Peruvian authorities under Legislative Decree 838 in 1997 and further confirmed by the Peruvian courts in detailed rulings on 30 September 2014 on 26 March 2015. Every land title currently owned by the Company was purchased via a notary process from Peruvian citizens who had secured the land in 1997 by demonstrating existing agricultural activities. As per the law, these original owners demonstrated evidence of on-going agricultural activities which then had to be certified by the local authorities. A sample of such agricultural certification documentation can be found here. Furthermore, it is illegal for the Peruvian authorities to allocate land title to citizens on areas of bosque primario (i.e. primary rainforest); furthermore, there are no native communities within proximity of the estates.

In an industry plagued with labor abuses, including child labor, human trafficking, slavery, United Cacao Limited SEZC seeks to provide a clear path forward for ethically produced cacao to the world marketplace.

Through its wholly owned Peruvian operating subsidiary, Cacao del Peru Norte SAC (CDPN), the Group seeks to become the world’s largest and lowest cost corporate grower of cacao. As of 30 June 2016, the Company had 1,837 hectares planted, making it the largest cacao estate in Latin America. This comprised of 1,643 hectares (4,059 acres) of planted corporate estate and 194 hectares (479 acres) of Programa Alianza Producción Estratégica Cacao ("PAPEC"), the Company's innovative small-farmer programme. Under PAPEC, the Group extends micro-financing to select small growers to plant cacao and then purchase their "wet" beans for processing and drying at the Group's fermentation facilities. Casino games can be an extra option for small farmers to earn some additional income with plantations. Players may try the telegram casino bot that allows them to play a variety of casino games and get bonus offers. Our community team also provides free legal assistance for these families to secure formal title on their lands. Read more

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