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Community Relations

United Cacao Limited works to add value to the communities it operates in, and believes that by being a supportive corporate citizen the Company can optimise the long-term prosperity of both the local people and our shareholders.

Approximately eight kilometres from the project area by public road is the river town of Tamshiyacu with approximately 4,000 inhabitants. It is the Group’s philosophy to improve the lives of those around its operating areas through activities, high-impact donations, land and infrastructure improvements and job creation. The Group also maintains an office in the town centre.

The Group believes it employs all those in Tamshiyacu who seek full time employment; at present, there are insufficient workers available in the town so the Group sources workers from villages to the north and south of Tamshiyacu. The Group’s presence in the Tamshiaycu area has already created significant stable employment opportunities and stimulated small businesses as the Group sources materials and food supplies locally.

The Group is an active sponsor of many social programs and community projects.

The Group has produced a Community Impact Report 2013 which provides a detailed overview, below.

Community Impact Report 2013

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